Monday, February 11, 2008

NASCAR Message Board's - The New Soap Opera

Is it just me, or has NASCAR become one big soap opera? Ashley Judd’s dress, Has Wendy gained weight? Did Tony smack Kurt? On a lot of message boards, the quality of the television coverage gets more attention than the race itself. However, with ESPN’s stellar coverage last season, maybe that’s justified. It just seems to me that there is less talk on the boards about actually racing than ever before.

The word “hate” seems to come up quite often. Not “I don’t care for Bubba “, But I hate Bubba. It seems some fans have become, well, fanatical. I sit and watch as a harmless thread is started. Like “what do you think of bubba’s chances this year”? Usually within as little as three posts, you will have a Bubba sucks post. Not a prediction of how he will do, just the fact that he sucks and why.

Then Bubba fans will have to respond to why he doesn’t suck, and why the prior poster’s driver does. This will go on for pages. And it will get nasty. Hate will come up. Cheater will be mentioned, NASCAR will be vilified, and a post about how horrible the COT is will be wedged in there completely out of context. And the original question will never be answered.

To get this response, you used to have to bait people into it. A loaded question as it were. Why Bubba won’t win a race” for example. Not any more. To illustrate this phenomena, “I used the name Bubba because if I used a real drivers first name, I would get comments on why I was picking on him

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