Sunday, March 23, 2008

Claim Jumper's

Claim Jumper's, Busch Whacker's, what ever you call them, why do cup driver's and cup team's run in the Nationwide series, and should they be allowed to? The "to get information for the cup race" theory doesn't cut it anymore with the COT and the tapered restrictor plate. The cars are no longer even remotely close to each other. Do they do it for the prize money? Clint Bower received $54,695 for winning at the Bristol Nationwide race. While that's a lot of money to you and me, it isn't for these guy's.

I would think that it would cost much more than that just to show up. Especially at a stand alone Nationwide race. Do they do it in order to run for the championship? If so, only a two or three out of the ten to twelve cup driver's are doing it. Are they doing it because they are racer's and just love to race. I'm sure for some that's a big part of it.

As far as whether the cup driver's should run the Nationwide races, there are numerous reason's why they shouldn't out there. It is a fact that two or three full time, single car Nationwide teams will go home as a result of the big money cup teams out qualifying them. Some will say that those Nationwide teams should step up their game to compete with the cup driver's. I don't see where thats possible from a financial standpoint.

Some will say that the only thing keeping the Nationwide series alive is the presence of the cup driver's. I'm not sure I buy that. Being somewhat old school, I remember the Busch Series from the 1980' and 1990's, when the series and it's driver's had it's own fans. Guy's like Randy LaJoie, Jack Ingram, Tommy Ellis, and Jimmy Hensley. There has always been a history of cup driver's in the Nationwide/Busch series, but not to the point it is now. Not going for the championship.

The full time Nationwide driver's seem to have different opinions on this. The newer driver's seem to say that it's a good test to race with the cup guy's. That they learn a lot. The Nationwide driver's that have been around for a while don't seem to think it's such a good idea. That it takes spots and prize money from the full time driver's and team's. I tend to agree with that.

In my opinion, the lower series has lost it's identity due to the influx of cup driver's. Especially those running for the championship. It's almost like watching a mini cup race. Good and talented drivers like Brad Coleman, Bryan Clausen, Bobby Hamilton Jr and many more, seem to get lost in the shuffle as far as coverage goes. Brad Kowalewski gets some coverage but thats probably due to his driving for Junior.

The money. At Daytona, Cup drivers won 43% of the prize money. Think about that, 43%. How long can a full time Nationwide, single car team adsorb that? In the first six Nationwide races this season, cup drivers have dominated the top ten. The least being four out of ten at Nashville and the most being 9 out of ten at Daytona. That can't be good for the full time Nationwide teams.

What to do?

Don't allow full time cup drivers to earn points in Nationwide races. No points, no championship runs.

This would open up the championship to the full time Nationwide teams.

Limit how many races they can run in a season.

This would open up the prize money to the full time teams who very well may need it to survive.

Don't allow cup drivers to run the series at all.
Probably not the best solution. The Nationwide Series could still use some of the interest that cup drivers generate until some of it's own stars emerge.

Do Nothing. Don't change a thing.

Not a good option in my opinion. This series is quickly becoming Sprint Cup Light. There are to many talented drivers and teams to have them ignored and have them wither on the vine.

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Anonymous said...

I have a plan - since we can't stop them from racing - make it more difficult for them to have an effect on the race. Make them start at the back. No matter how they qualify, make them start behind all the regular Nationwide drivers. Sure they still may win some but since they are the supposedly better drivers, then make them work for whatever they win. Also make them ineligible to earn points if they do not attempt to qualify for 75% of the Nationwide races.

roguecowboy said...

Steve Wallace nearly killed Kyle Busch Friday night by running into the back of Kyle's car at 180MPH. Busch was NOT BLOCKING and Wallace had plenty of room to pass. After the race Wallace would not acknowledge he was in the wrong and shrugged it off to "SHORT TRACK RACING". So if it was not a MISTAKE it must have been ON PURPOSE. At any rate he should be Fined $150,000, Docked 150 Points and BANNED from the next two races. Unless Wallace is penalized someone will get seriously injured or killed NEXT TIME.
As I recall that was Robby's penalty for the Ambrose incident.
I just watched his UNCLE KENNY joke about the incident on SPEEDTV taking Stevie's side and panning Kyle Bush. If Kyle had hit the wall and was killed or seriously injured would that be a JOKE?? Kenny Wallace should be forced to SIT OUT the next 6 events and a $100,000 fine would be appropriate.

Jim Frego
Grants Pass, OR

Geez said...

Interesting theory rougecowboy. But was does it have to with this post?

Anonymous said...

Your articules are ok. Why not more? Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

your articules are ok. Keep it up, and give us more.

Anonymous said...

Your columms are good. Give us more.

Geez said...

I wasn't getting feedback. But your right. I should be posting more. Look for more in the next few days. Lots of interesting thing's going on lately.

And thanks.