Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Boring Races?

Up until the last few years, I don't remember this coming up near as much as I do now. Now I see all kinds of blogs and articles about it. Especially around the California and Michigan races. I thought the first three races of this season were great races. Why do so many claim otherwise? Now, I can understand a new fan who has always watched the NHL, NFL or the NBA (MLB fans seem to get it) feeling that way. For awhile anyway.

So what are the reasons for a boring race?

1. Very few or no lead changes.
While I can see this being less exciting to watch, instead of being board, I start to wonder why that is. Fuel? Saving their stuff for later in race? There is still a lot going on. Like pit strategy, fuel strategy, will the equipment hold up.

2. Cars playing follow the leader.
See number one above.

3. Not enough wreaks.
Ahh. Now were talking. To me, a race without a crash is a good, successful race. To some it appears, the lack of crunching metal is a deal breaker. I have even see people come right out and say it.

4. No conflict.
This is the "soap opera" influence that has crept into the sport in the last ten years or so. A driver didn't throw a helmet. A driver did not question the ancestry of another driver after the race. No one played bumper cars during the caution laps.

The bottom line here is I that I am a race fan first and a driver fan second. When my driver falls out of a race or gets caught up in something and spends the whole race near the back, do I turn off the race, or if I'm at the race, do I leave? Of course not. But a lot of people do. I am there for the race. I find the strategy during a race fascinating. No matter who's strategy it is.

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